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New Advanced Machine Arrived at Workshop

New Advanced Machine Arrived at Workshop

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Advanced machine improve battery quality and production efficiency.


1, Automatic chip collection device


  In the die-cutting production process, we originally used manpower collection, there is a low rate of excellent products, high cost, low production efficiency and other issues, in order to solve the problems affecting product quality, we imported this machine, to reduce defective rate of pole, improve production efficiency, and further improve product quality.
2, Automatic stacking machine
  Vigorpower is now using automatic stacking machine instead of the original manual stacking, to solve the leakage, pole dislocation, high short-circuit rate problem.
3, Automatic welding
  This machine is used to do pole welding, rag elemination, guling, pole adjustment, insulation test and so on, greatly improve production efficiency and product consistencyl.
4, Automatic packing
  It is used for top packing, side packing, corner packing, short-circuit detection, solved problems like leaking too much during top and side packing, no leaking and crumple etc, the product apperance and quality has been guaranteed.
5, Hot pressure
  Battery is heated during hot pressing, which increases the fluidity of the electrolyte, improves the quality of the battery, voltage consistency of the battery and the stability of the electrical performance.
6, Automatic sealing
  To improve the battery corrosion and appearance of the battery, improve production capacity and ensure the consistency of battery appearance.
7, QR code tracking 
  Spray QR code, content for the battery batch number, from the source to customers, there is a product tracking system, from the source to solve product quality issues, it will be easier to us for after-sale service.
8, Load device
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