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Shenzhen Vigorpower Battery Co.,Ltd

Anhui Enrichpower Battery CO.,LTD




Shenzhen Vigor Power Battery is a professional NIMH and LIPO battery manufacturer since 2005.Shenzhen Vigor Power Battery’s brand is “Enrichpower”. The headquarters is in Shenzhen (Shenzhen Vigor Power Battery CO.,LTD) and its subsidiary is in Anhui(Anhui Enrichpower CO.,LTD).These two companies are brothers and all are owned by the same boss.


Shenzhen Vigorpower Battery Co.,Ltd:National High-tech Enterprises

Subsidiaries:Anhui Enrichpower Battery Co.,Ltd

2005 Head company Established in Huangjiang Dongguan China

2006 Established Ni-Mh factory——Shenzhen,Guangdong province

2007 Ni-Mh battery win the champion in many international RC events

2008 Established Lipo battery BU-- ShenzhenYingguan Battery Co.,Ltd

2009 Lipo battery achieve technical breakthroughs,reached the industry leading level

2010 Vigorpower company has been certified as a national high-tech enterprise in China.

2012Construction YINGRUI(Enrichpower) industrial park in Anhui province.

2014 Anhui Enrichpower Battery Co.,Ltd started operation and production

2015 Anhui Enrichpower battery Technology Park whole opened

2016 Vigorpower founded UAV battery R&D project, and products put on the market smoothly.

2014----Anhui Enrichpower Battery CO.,LTD started production and operation

2015----Vigor Power 10 years’ anniversary

2016----Vigor Power started its UAV battery project research, produce and market

Established in 2005

Shenzhen Vigor Power Battery CO.,LTD was established in 2005, till now the factory covers approx 10000㎡and owns about 1200 employees. We have a strong R&D team with over 50 engineers and technicians. Annual turnover is US$35,000,000.

2005---Established Ni-MH factory in Huangjiang Dongguan China

2006---Moved to Songgang Shenzhen China

2007---Won a lot of Champion in many International RC events

2008---Established Li-PO battery factory 

2009---LIPO battery achieved technical breakthroughs and reached the industry leading level

2010---Vigor Power has been certificated as the “National High-Tech” enterprise in China

2012&2013---The construction and opening of Anhui Enrichpower
Battery CO.,LTD