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How to Maintain the Li-Polymer Battery?

How to Maintain the Li-Polymer Battery?

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When charging the polymer battery, please create a safe charging environment. The charger and open flame may catch fire and ignite the battery.

  When charging the lipo battery, please create a safe charging environment. The charger and open flame may catch fire and ignite the battery. How to maintain the lipo battery?

  Charge the polymer battery at 0-45℃; pay attention to charging directly on nonflammable items, or directly in the model aircraft, model car to charge. At any time, charging the lipo battery doesn’t allow the battery cells to overheat. Lipo battery cells have a very large safety hazard at temperatures up to 60℃.

Don’t overcharge (each battery is fully charged. Long-term storage of the battery needs to control the voltage to about 3.8-3.9V to ensure the stability of the polymer battery).

Please don’t over-discharge (the voltage of each cell is not less than 2.75V), and the over-discharged polymer battery will damage the Lipo battery.

Don’t place the polymer battery close to liquids, and don’t store the battery in a humid environment; don’t place the lopo battery close to sources such as open flames or heaters.

Don’t assemble the polymer battery by yourself. The electrical behavior of the old battery is dangerous and may cause short-circuit combustion. Do not reverse the positive and negative poles to avoid a short circuit.

Please carefully check the battery voltage and battery status before charging or using. For batteries that have not been used for a long time, please ensure that the charge and discharge point is activated within 3 months to maintain the stability of the battery. If a collision occurs during use, remove the battery.

Please check the battery and the connector carefully, just in case. Please pay attention to safety when removing: the battery may be hot at this time! Don’t touch the battery with liquid leakage directly; don’t splash the electrolyte on your eyes or skin. If it is accidentally splashed, please wash it with water immediately. Please ask a help from doctor immediately if you are in serious condition.

Don’t disassemble the battery or change the wiring. Do not use batteries that have already bulged or leaked. When the battery bulges and leaks, a chemical reaction has taken place inside the battery, and the performance of the lipo battery has deteriorated.If you still charged or discharged the battery, it may further swell, and may cause combustion, so if the battery is inflated or liquid leakage, don’t charge or discharge any more. Do not use it again. The correct way to do is to pack the battery in a plastic bag or an acid-resistant package to be isolated and handed over to a professional battery recycling company for recycling.