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Experience in Polymer Battery Maintenance

Experience in Polymer Battery Maintenance

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Using a polymer battery, let's talk about some of the experience. If there is something wrong, please point it out.

  Using a lipo battery, let's talk about some of the experience. If there is something wrong, please feel free to point it out. There are several issues that are concentrated in the use of lipo batteries:


(1)Maintenance experience1: what is the charging cycle (or charging cycle)?

  Many people think that the life of lithium battery is the number of times of powering. In fact, it is wrong. Strictly speaking, it should be called the charging cycle. A complete charging cycle is to charge 100% of the electricity, and then put 100% of the electricity. Lithium battery life is about 300-500 full charge cycles. The correct statement about lithium battery life should be 300-500 full charge and discharge.

  In other words, suppose a piece full of 100% battery: 50% used, charged 30%, this is not a complete cycle, a full cycle is charged and discharge two times 100%, which is actually 40% cycle, waiting for you again With 60% charge 40%, then there is a 90% cycle. And so on...


  Lithium battery has no memory effect, so I agree with Apple's claim that the use of lithium battery should be, use some, charge some, not charge for too long, and do not use up. Charging the battery, it is best to charge with a small current, generally with 0.5C-2C charging, small current stimulation is small, can better maintain the battery. To avoid overcharge and over discharge, the general set charge cutoff voltage is: 4.25V, discharge cutoff voltage is: 2.8V, discharge cutoff voltage, but also according to the actual situation, such as playing violence 3D, then the discharge cutoff voltage is preferably set at about 3.0V. Below this value, it is easy to over-discharge the entire battery due to the instantaneous over-discharge. Avoid full power storage. When not in use for a long time, remove the lithium battery and store it in a cool dry place. Do not freeze to avoid moisture attack. Avoid use in high temperature cars. If it is stored for a long time, put the battery with 40%power, or keep the voltage between 3.75-3.85V.


(2)Maintenance experience 2, do we need to open USB charging ?

  Now more and more devices support USB charging, and personally feel that it can be opened, or the above reasons. However, USB charging, Someone said because the voltage is not enough, the charge is not full , I also encountered the same situation. From a customary point of view, I still don't want to plug in the USB every time, I have to charge a little for a while, mainly because of a habit, so I turned off the USB charging myself. If it is not powered, it can be turned on again to recharge it, anyway, it is convenient. At the same time, I don't know if charging the mobile phone under non-standard voltage will affect the mobile phone and the battery,the personal suggestion is turning off the USB charging as far as possible.


(3)Maintenance experience 3,How to fo when lithium battery don’t use.

  The self-discharge rate of lithium batteries is still a bit high. For safety reasons, if it is not used, full charge it first, then store the plastic bag after sealing. Use it once every 1-2 months, that is, charge and discharge once to maintain the activity of lithium ions. Do not keep more than 3 months, and be sure to take it out and charge it once. Storage for too long, will reduce the activity of lithium ions, which has an impact on battery life.


(4)Maintenance experience 4, how to charge better?

  The last small suggestion, don’t use the other brand charger to charge the original lithium battery, use the equipment and original charger, or to buy the original desktop charger. Because usually the no-name charger is not used for standard voltage and current with your device, it is harmful to the original battery. Especially the old-fashioned charger with discharge function, don't use it,it’s very easy to over discharge.


(5)Maintenance experience 5, the environment used by lithium battery

  The use of lithium batteries in an environment that is too hot or too cold has an impact on the battery life . So do not put your mobile phone in the car or in the sun during hot weather; if it is minus 20 degrees in winter, don't take your phone outside (donn’t exposed outside for a long time), or put it in a warm pocket and use headphones (do not use a Bluetooth headset, it is also with lithium battery).

Lipo battery: the temperature range is 0 to +45 ° C during charging; the temperature range is -20 to +60 ° C during discharge; the long-term storage environment of the battery is: temperature -20 to +35 ° C. 


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